Poster detail

My Melbourne 2011
My Melbourne is a photo competition launched by the Australian Federation of International Students (AFIS) in partnership with the City of Melbourne and the Multicultural Hub in a bid to familiarize international students with Melbourne. The competition encourages international students to express their experience through photography.
I was engaged by AFIS to design a poster as their major communication media to announce their competition.

My Melbourne 2011 poster design

My Melbourne 2012
Following previous year's concept, My Melbourne 2012 is a competition for international students in which they can share their experiences of living in Australia through photography, music, art or video.
I designed the poster around an illustration which was inspired by pop-up books. The paper-made feel of the visual elements were designed to give the impression as if they could be folded inside a letter ready to be sent home.


My Melbourne 2012 poster design

Award certificate design

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